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Anonymous said: I want your hot love and emotion


Anonymous said: When are you taking me out bae

I’m in college I’m broke

Anonymous said: Your butt is on fire goddamn

Isn’t it always

Towards the end of my last relationship, my ex asked me to stop smoking weed and I did stop but I would always constantly think about smoking. I just wanted to pass time and forget the fact that things were never going to be the same, but now that it’s over I haven’t smoked and I don’t think I’m going to. I never get the urge anymore and my body feels so clean. If anything the weed was just a pathetic cry for help, but he ended up leaving me instead, which is just as good in the end. I’m happy and I’m sober as fuck and that would have been a rarity a week ago.


z33 cluster in s13.
i could holla.


If he’s up, I’m sitting on it let’s do it

send me nudes